Division 15 Neighborhoods

We have 7 neighborhoods in Woodside Hills. They were neatly organized long ago by our Division Leaders, Aydan Kutay and Linda Vartanian. They support Neighborhood Watch and Emergency Preparedness, and accomplished a great, good work with just a few hands. Nothing that CERPP does for Emergency Preparedness should ever detract from Neighborhood Watch. In fact, quite the opposite. A strong Neighborhood Watch is vital for good Emergency Preparedness.

We want nothing to change in these neighborhoods, or the neighbors involved. They are awesome. We are working to make those neighbors better prepared by bringing in new resources and getting them into people's hands. The entire CERPP organization is currently re-energizing after a bit of a slow stretch, and working hard to bring new technolgies, new information, and better support to every one of us, the neighbors throughout the Woodside Fire Protection District.

Our neighborhoods are, roughly in order as you wind through Woodside Hills:
    1 - Normandy Ln, Mayberry Pl
    2 - Northridge Ln, Summerhill Ln, Oakford Rd, Harcross Rd
    3 - Wildwood Wy
    4 - Hardwick Rd, Brookwood Rd, Sheridan Wy, Lynn Wy
    5 - Oakhaven Wy
    6 - Kenmore Wy
    7 - Ridgeway Rd, Croydon Wy, Crest Rd, Cragmont Wy, Cinnabar Rd

Neighbors living on Woodside Drive are included in the nearest neighborhood.

Residents and Homeowners can login to see maps of the neighborhoods on our Maps page.