Division 15 Committees

We are currently building our Division's core teams. As we progress, there will be material here describing the members and activities of our Board. Until that time, please refer to our Charter page for basic information.  Meanwhile, a rough outline:

The Operations Committee
is a goup of volunteers who focus on keeping all the parts moving.

The Logistics Committee
is a group of vounteers who focus on getting the things we need, and keeping them fresh, and having plans laid out for what we will do when we need them.

The Communications Committee
is a group of volunteers who focus on two separate sets of issues. One is communications when there is no active emergency. The other is communications when the world is behaving normally. These are the radio-nerds and website-nerds and letter writers. (I, Chip, your webmaster, use the term "nerd" with great pride. For I am SUCH a nerd, you would not believe.)

The Activation Committee
is a group of volunteers who keeps track of what we are ready to do in an emergency, and knows how to "flip the switch" when our neighbors need help.

And we make it fun to work together. There are cookies. Eaten by neighbors.

At the moment, we are 3 Division Leaders covering all bases, plus our grat neighborhood teams. But this "division of issues" is how we try to think about things in projects.