Organization of Our Division, the Charter

Each CERPP Division is encouraged to organize itself as it sees fit, to best take advantage of its local resources, and respond to its local demands in preparing for and responding to an emergency. And to best take advantage of the resources CERPP can muster, like training, communications, and equipment.

In order to streamline communication between our Division and the main CERPP organization, we pretty much mirror the CERPP central organization, built around the typical model of a corporation, not for profit. The goal is to improve the state of emergency preparedness, and the quality of life, of our neighbors. We adopt the specific goals of CERPP, the Town of Woodside and its Emergency Preparedness Committee, the Woodside Fire Protection District, the FEMA CERT program, and the Woodside Hills Homes Association and its Emergency Preparedness Committee as among our specific goals.

It is hoped that this organization will create a clear menu of choices for neighbors who want to get involved. Neighbors should be able to easily see who is working on what, and what we are trying to accomplish. The main goals are twofold, to build an effective response for emergencies, and to build an effective team to make that happen while enjoying it the entire time. There will be cookies.

We operate with 4 Division Leaders, Aydan Kutay, Linda Vartanian, Marsha BonDurant, and Emerson "Chip" Swan. Chip is the latest addition to the team, and the current Support Runner. He promises to bring a new generation of tools to make life easier, and our neighbors more prepared. And he promises to do it without interrupting what's already working here.

We hope to have a more-defined structure as we grow. Meanwhile we work on projects in areas that are pretty well defined throughout CERPP already, like Operations, Communications, Logistics.

We have a great network of neighbors building emergency response capabilities, and more is coming.

You can contact us with any concern at