Emergency Preparedness Events in Woodside Hills

Check here to find out about all scheduled and past events.

We will have social events. We will get together as a community and share some time informally sharing our concerns. The better we know each other, the better we can help each other.

We will have training events. We will learn how to operate family radios and coordinate with the Division Operations Center in an emergency. We will learn how to survey our neighborhoods for damage and injuries, and get that information reported up and down the chain of communications.

We will have practice events. to "get the feel" of using radios and doing necghborhood surveys, and to figure out how we can get better at it, Without practice, it's just theory.

We will have regular meetings, to discuss the concerns of our neighborhoods, and the projects we are working on in the various committees, Communications, Logistics, Activation, and Operations.

We will have mailings, and fundraisers, and team-building parties. We will have fun being prepared!

For more information, or any questions, please contact us at division15@cerpp.org. We are here for you.


We will have Woodside Hills-wide potluck dinner gatherings throughout the year, hopefully at least every 3 months. We will chat about the Division's needs and plans, and try to figure out "what's important next" in a relaxed group.

Join Us At The First Division Potluck, December 10 from 3:00 to 6:00

The first one is at the home of Emerson "Chip" Swan, one of your Division Leaders and currently your webmaster. Chip lives at 210 Crest Road. The potluck will be December 10 from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. Hamburgers, hotdogs, wine and sodas will be provided. If you have a favorite side, salad, or desert, please bring it along! Please RSVP to Chip at emerson@cygnusoft.com or division15@cerpp.org, or call at (650) 368-4248. We just need to know how many burgers and dogs to grill.

We will have the next potluck soon, since this one is coming with such short notice.

Earthquake Drill

There will be a CERPP-wide earthquake drill on January 20.  We will have a meeting to learn more and get organized to participate at our Division Operations Center, 210 Crest Road, on December 8. Details are currently on the home page.  All residents are MUCH more than welcome!